100% Safe & Humane - Our Indian Myna bird traps will not injure or harm birds.

SHIPPING FOR 2018 - All orders placed after the 17th December will not be delivered until after 7th January 2019 due to the Christmas break!



The Indian myna bird traps are dipped 1.22mm galv aviary mesh:
size 63cm x 44cm x 42cm (approx)

Our indian myna bird traps have been hand-made using 1.22mm diameter galv finish cage wire. Light weight but strong enough to last for years.

Both doors have a locking pin to secure the opening and silicon coated doors to avoid scratching your arms.

We are the original manufacturer of the MDB indian myna bird traps with a long history of happy customers, our traps are still the largest and most affordable trap on the market.

"Our record is 15 indian myna birds trapped at once in 3 hours. What's yours?"

We deliver AUSTRALIA Wide!

All indian myna traps are complete with:

  • Tapered walk-thru
  • Split section holding pen
  • 2 Access doors with locking pins
    Both access doors have silicon coated entries.
  • One way myna bird access to holding pen
The Myna bird Trap

Our indian myna traps can hold up-to 25 birds at a time!

2 styles of traps available - The Balcony & The Warren

Indian Myna Birds
November 2018
November 2018
Black Birds
November 2018
November 2018

Feral birds trapped to date

Numbers submitted by our customers and through our own trapping efforts since 2011.

Indian Myna Bird

The Indian Myna  (Acridotheres tristis) bird species, easy to recognise with their dark brown bodies, yellow mask on their face, bright yellow beak and feet. They also have white tips on their wings and under their bodies. You no doubt know their annoying loud screeching and aggressive nature to other species of birds. They over run our gardens, often breed in our rooftops and generally make a big mess where ever they decide to call home.


Myna bird Identification


It's only taken 7 days for the birds to actually walk through but once one walks through it's amazing how they all follow! Trap works well and easy to fit a garbage bag over balcony design

Vicki Walker

Bit of an expensive way to go, but Indian Myna birds just love KFC (better they eat it than my family) so much that I can empty and reset the trap several times a day and they keep coming back without fear!

Greg Hall

Absolutely amazed with the results of this trap. I started following your recommendations of not approaching the trap etc, but I must say that it just doesn't seem to matter in our yard.

In just over 3 weeks of use, I have caught almost 40 Indian Mynas and 10 pigeons. I have even "emptied" the trap mid day only to find more later that day. On one occasion, I even found a mix of pigeons and mynas. It just continues to work. Great product.

Dan Belluz

Found your site while searching the internet about these birds, after reading the information and watching a few videos I decided to bite the bullet. Thanks for the quick delivery I have now managed to catch 6 birds in 3 weeks. It's almost a hobby now watching the trap!!!!

Mark Crosby

Got my trap in December and have been catching the things ever since, I average about 4 a week. A long way to go but its a good start, thanks for the help and advise.

Darren Luiten

We always had a problem with Indian Myna's and Starlings. They were driving us crazy with the mess and noise. No local species were ever to be seen. We searched the web site for a solution and found the M.D.B traps. I have captured over 25 birds within a month and slowly seeing a difference. Thanks your product is easy to use, it just works!