After many many years of producing and supplying our traps across Australia the time has come to say goodbye. Our aim from the very beginning was to bring awareness to this growing myna bird problem, and to provide a Australian hand made solution to help reduce the numbers of birds.

Over the years we have featured in the Herald Sun, Interviews with local and commercial radio along with council committees seeking our  help. Like any good idea it's only a matter of time before others see a quick way to make a dollar and replicate your product. We've seen the number of available traps triple on eBay and other online stores with one interest alone to "Make money". Our mission was more about awareness and education to an ever growing issue. the money we made from the traps was an added bonus to pay for the website and materials to keep it all afloat. So with so many now competing for top spot we've decided to leave our site here to educate people and discontinue the sales of our traps.

It's been a great ride and we thank evey single one of you whom has helped our site grow to what it is today.


We started designing the M.D.B Myna bird traps years ago based on a design from a local farmer we knew who had been using them for many years.

With the growing population of Indian Myna'a and Starling in our own area we decided to put the design to good use and within 1 year we had removed over 900 birds from our garden.

2012-13 had seen an increase in demand for our myna traps due to our interviews on radios and in the press, seems many others were sharing our concerns.

Since our original concept we have made many small but important improvements based on trial and error along with user feedback.

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Effective and humane trapping of the Indian Myna and European or Common Starling is the most important part of the design.

The internet is now plagued with smaller imitation traps and some claiming to be awarded "Voted best value myna bird trap" -  Who voted? Can I see the stats to this claim please? ha ha  

Whatever your choice of indian myna bird trap is we hope you help us add to our trapping numbers and make a dent in the feral spreading pest.

We have 2 designs which work in identical ways, the only difference being that one lays flat and the other is upright. Choosing a trap is easy and only depends on the amount of space you have to place the trap in an ideal feeding area.


The M.D.B Indian Myna bird trap utilises a simple technique. The cage consists of two areas, 1) a walk-in and; 2) a holding pen. Food is placed into the first area (1) the walk-in. The walk-in consists of a slanted open area which allows the bird to enter the cage. The slanted area is high enough for the bird to walk in confidently but cannot turn -around to walk out again, therefor the only option is to walk forward until the bird enters the first cage.

Realising it is trapped the bird then looks for a possible escape route. The holding pen contains a long upright tunnel that is connected to the walk-thru, a birds natural instinct is to go up towards the sky, hence the tunnel is located in an upright position, the bird then proceeds to climb through the tunnel into the holding pen. The entire trap can house up-to 25 birds at a time.

Our cages contain 2 access doors one in the walk-thru and one in the holding pen. This will allow you to place the food and water in both ares of the cage. Australian Made!