April Myna News

A busy two months for us at Myna Bird Traps. We’ve managed to obtain a little bit more media coverage and educate more people in the trapping of feral bird species. I even had a call from 3AW radio here in Melbourne and gave a short interview in regards to the Myna Bird problem and our trapping solutions. Some other great news was the fact that the local newspaper and the Melbourne Herald Sun ran stories on our bird trapping methods with direct links to our web site.


This month our catch count now includes sparrows and pigeons, the total reported for Feb-April is 118 feral species removed from the wild!

The more people that we can educate the better!


Myna Trap Herald Sun

MDB Traps in the news

Full article found here | Another related article here

Sparrows Sparrows Everywhere! – Not for too much longer, our traps have now been modified slightly to enable you to trap sparrows. We’ve tested the new design for a few months and it works as intended. 62 sparrows have been trapped using the new system. Best of all we still only need to offer the same 2 traps on our website, using the new design we can cater for 4 species of birds in the one trap. Indian Myna, Common Starling, Sparrows and Pigeons all successfully captured with the MDB traps.

Handy Hint – One of our customers reports that they are using chook pellets with great results, try this along with wet red dog biscuits and let us know how you go!

Not all traps are equal – I hate to end the monthly news on a bad note but there are a few people selling traps online to make a quick dollar and care nothing of the environment, claims of Australia’s #1 trap and even copying our web site content directly just to make a quick sale, please note that these companies are not affiliated withIndian Myna Traps at all.

Our first and foremost priority is to educate the public and provide valid and up-to-date information on a variety of bird species and then the supply of our traps for those that require a proven reliable and humane product. Our traps are larger than most advertised for the price and come with a how to trapping guide stamped with our logos.

Remember to keep sending us your testimonials, trapping numbers and feedback, we love hearing from you all!

Until next month happy trapping…