After many many years of producing and supplying our traps across Australia the time has come to say goodbye. Our aim from the very beginning was to bring awareness to this growing myna bird problem, and to provide a Australian hand made solution to help reduce the numbers of birds.

Over the years we have featured in the Herald Sun, Interviews with local and commercial radio along with council committees seeking our help. Like any good idea it's only a matter of time before others see a quick way to make a dollar and replicate your product. We've seen the number of available traps triple on eBay and other online stores with one interest alone to "Make money".

Our mission was more about awareness and education to an ever growing issue. the money we made from the traps was an added bonus to pay for the website and materials to keep it all afloat. So with so many now competing for top spot we've decided to leave our site here to educate people and discontinue the sales of our traps.

It's been a great ride and we thank evey single one of you whom has helped our site grow to what it is today.

Indian Myna Birds
January 2019
January 2019
Black Birds
Januray 2019
January 2019

Feral birds trapped to date

Numbers submitted by our customers and through our own trapping efforts since 2011.

Indian Myna Bird

The Indian Myna  (Acridotheres tristis) bird species, easy to recognise with their dark brown bodies, yellow mask on their face, bright yellow beak and feet. They also have white tips on their wings and under their bodies. You no doubt know their annoying loud screeching and aggressive nature to other species of birds. They over run our gardens, often breed in our rooftops and generally make a big mess where ever they decide to call home.


Myna bird Identification