Indian Myna Birds

OK so it’s February already, my how time flies. The warm weather is still upon us and so are the pesky Indian Myna and Starlings. Some strong numbers have been reported in and around the Melbourne CBD and outer suburbs. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting some great people this month who have purchased traps from us. In this months newsletter we thought we may share some of their stories with you.

indian myna bird

A lady from Hawthorn came to pick up a Myna Bird Trap last week and she told us an incredible story about how she is attacked by Indian Myna Birds in her own backyard when she ventures into the garden. Not just once but several times in fact and bears the scars to prove it. We sincerely hope her trapping goes well as it seems the Indian Myna mob living in her area are getting extreme. More news to follow on that one!

Strong numbers of Starlings and Mynas have been caught in and around Cranbourne, Warneet, Frankston and as far south as Inverloch. We are seeing more and more orders come in from NSW and Canberra also.

The younger birds are easier to catch this time of year as they are a little more curious and adventurous than the older birds.

More good news for a customer in Carrum Downs, they arrived to pickup a new Myna trap and told us that they had found a local vet who is willing to destroy the captured birds free of charge. So it just goes to show do your homework and ring around to your local vets to see if they can also assist.

Development News: We have scrapped the sparrow tap design that we worked hard on, simply put it isn’t effective enough for us to market BUT with that we have some fantastic news. We’ve been working with a few local farmers on a new improved design specifically for the capture of sparrows. So far it has impressed all those that are testing, hopefully in the next 3 weeks we can release the trap for sale. Stay Tuned.


Lastly for this month – Don’t forget to send us your stories, email us for tips and tricks and send us your testimonials. We love to hear from our customer. Remember you can also send us your photos and YouTube links to


Also in the works is a full blown online shopping experience. Our new safe and secure ordering system is in development and will enable our customers to purchase, obtain a shipping quote and checkout all in one process. This will help automate our ordering and allow you to track your goods. We can’t wait to have this available for you sometime in March.


Until next month happy trapping…