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Indian Myna February 2018 Update

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Indian Myna February 2018 Update - Birds on the decline

Indian Myna February 2018 Update.

Busiest time for us in over 5 years. Even with more traps going out and councils now finally joining ranks to help reduce numbers although we still see an increase in some areas of NSW.

Many reports indicate less sightings of the indian myna which seems to be a direct result of trapping efforts especially around Gippsland, Victoria areas.

Trapping numbers are definitely up. To date we have had over 390 submissions since our last post late last year.

Something to be aware of

We've had a few reports of people taking in traps loaded with indian myna and other species of birds to the RSPCA. 9 times out of 10 the RSPCA have happily and humanely dispose of the trapped birds.

In 2 cases - traps have been obtained by the RSPCA as seen to be unfit and cruel for the intended use. I have made several attempt to contact the RSPCA to explain their findings but to date no reply has been received.

However I can only assume that the birds had been left in the trap to long. Without adequate care taken to the health and state of the birds themselves. Please remember that you are dealing with an animals life.

We don't want to see any bird suffer even feral pests. If you choose to visit the RSPCA please make sure the birds are not injured or bleeding near the beak. We cannot be held responsible if your trap is confiscated for whatever reason the RSPCA feels fit.

Here's the article focused on controlling the Indian Myna Bird:  Click to Read

On a negative note:

Seems some websites have decided to copy many of our articles along with our images to self promote their own cages. While we certainly don't discourage anyone from competing with our product we do however take offence when our years of hard work are simply stolen. The site owners have been notified.

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Anyway if you have some news for us then please feel free to send it in and we will include it in our next myny news page. Thanks to all those people that took the time to send in their trapping numbers and send us feedback.

Until next time, happy trapping