2017 myna bird News

March 2017 – Myna Bird Traps are back!

It's been a very long time coming but we have finally re-designed our website. It's now extremely easy to find the information you are looking for and order our Indian Myrna Bird traps.

Shipping Estimates

With the new website comes our automated shipping estimates based from the Couriers Please system, once you enter your address our system will automatically calculate the shipping required.

Payment System

We've added PayPal support for all purchases, we figured most people these days have Paypal and you don't require a account with them to use their payment system. This way no personal; information gets stored on our website.


Myna Bird Traps - Update

Last year we sold out of Myna Bird traps several times and had trouble keeping up with orders - sorry! this year we delayed the new site and stock levels which allowed us to produce more up-front so we should be great for stock levels until late August at least.

Plenty of people submitted their trapping numbers and these have been added to the new tally system on our website. Speaking of submitting your trap numbers we've also updated that system to allow quicker entry

Trapping Submissions:

A BIG thank you to all of those that keep submitting their numbers.

Submitted by: Roystan
Location: Templstowe in Victoria

Species Trapped: Indian Myna
Numbers Trapped: 45

The number varies, partly because I bait the trap spasmodically, however when I do, I usually get an Indian myna, and sometimes two, the same day. I have found chicken scraps work well.

I have only ever trapped two other species - a butcher bird and a noisy myna, which, of course, I set free immediately.

The condition of the trap is important. If the entry "spikes" are too close the bird will not enter, and if too far apart, it can get out again.

Location is also important. A quiet "private" part of a back lawn, where the bait is clearly visible, and there is "safe" perching (tree branches, fence, etc.) nearby seems to work best.

Submitted by: Martin
Location: Warilla in NSW

Species Trapped: Indian Myna
Numbers Trapped: 6

Stumbled across your site. There is some good information on the site.

I run a pest animal control busines specialising in the removal of small animals from hi population environments.

By far the majority of my targeted species include pigeons and mynah birds....

I'm not sure if you are Interested in my removal figures for not but , if you are, let me know and I'll keep reporting my figures.

Martin Gilbert

Submitted by: Anthony
Location: Katunga in Victoria

Species Trapped: Indian Myna
Numbers Trapped: 15

Species Trapped: Sparrow
Numbers Trapped: 4

Pickup or Delivery

Don't forget that we can deliver to anywhere in Australia and if your in Melbourne then we offer pickup as well.

Next month....Making a Myna Bird Trap

Are you interested in making your own Indian Myna Bird Trap? Next month we're going to explain how to make your very own myna bird trap,t's a bit of fun and seeing the trap work after you've taken the time to make one is definitely worth while.

Stay tuned until then happy trapping.

P.S Don't forget to submit your trapping numbers to us here.