2017 myna bird News

New Cheaper Shipping Rates

Hi All and welcome to the July news.

Not much happening with trapping numbers at the moment due to the weather. If you're like me you'll have your feet up in front of the warm fire fighting to keep warm.

A couple of birds reported for the trapping numbers so some of you are still braving the winter and helping keep the Myna Bird and Starling numbers at bay.

New Shipping

We had some issues with our courier company so we bit the bullet and setup a new instant shipping quote system. We're now using Couriers Please as the primary shipping source as they are very reliable and the cheapest to ship to all locations within Australia.

Our shipping is now automatically calculated via the Courier Please API, just enter your shipping details and the system will retrieve a shipping price for you.

Make your own trap

Last time we reported our news we spoke about showing you how to make your own trap, well we're still producing the video and its not ready just yet. Hopefully next month we can present that to all of those that have been requesting it.

Well thats about all the news I have for July. Stay warm and happy trapping.