Myna News for December

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WOW, Can you believe its almost Christmas and 2013 has almost been and gone. It’s been an amazing year for us this year with new customers and the exposure we have been given throughout local and national newspapers, it seems more and more people across Australia are recognising the issues we are facing and the growing numbers of feral pest species like the Indian Myna, Common Starling. The great news is you are all helping to keep their number in check despite local council ignoring the problems.

Our orders this month have been HUGE and we will continue to ship out everyones traps that have ordered prior to Friday December 13th, after this date we cannot guarantee delivery until the new year.

Christmas Break

We all look forward to the Christmas holidays and spending time with friends and family. We will be closed during the Christmas break and re-open early in 2014. Our last day for accepting orders for delivery or pick-up will be Friday 13th December 2013. No orders will be processed or handled until our return on the 10th January 2014.

Trapping News for December

It’s been a big month since the warmer weather has hit with huge numbers of birds caught throughout Australia. Queensland, NSW, Victoria and even Tasmania are reporting large numbers of younger birds caught as they leave the nests. The most popular food for trapping has been wet bread, dog and cat biscuits along with scrap chicken.

Does using a mirror really help?

Yes and No, it depends on who you talk to, some clients swear by the use of a mirror in front of the walk-thru, others say they can’t catch any birds when using a mirror and have better luck without. We have always found patients and not disturbing the cage once set to be the best method. This year alone we have managed over 300 trappings ourselves including starlings, mynas, black-birds and sparrows all without the use of a mirror.

Disposal of Birds

We have heaps of people emailing each week asking us how to dispose of the trapped birds, all we can tell you is to follow your states guidelines on correct disposal. Many vets are now offering to dispose (destroy) trapped birds free of charge, best bet would be to call your local vet and ask them if they will do it for you. If you have found a vet willing to do this FREE of charge and let us know and we will put a link on our web page along with their contact details to help others.

Does the style of trap make a difference?

Not in any way, we have 2 styles to suit your personal preference, they both work in exactly the same way only one lays flat the other has the holding pen at the top.

Enjoy the Christmas break and submit your trapping numbers to us.

Until next year!!

Happy Trapping. – Mike