100% Safe & Humane - Our Indian Myna bird traps will not injure or harm birds.

Myna News for January


Happy New Year to all! It’s been a long break for us and we are busy catching up on back orders and trapping numbers. For those that have ordered a trap over the past 5 weeks we are sorry for the delay in replying. We certainly didn’t expect there to be so many orders over the holidays and we actually ran out of traps to send. Our good friends at Casey Graffix Design were kind enough to help with enquiries and shipments where they could. The good news is we are back into production and staring to fill all the orders.

In the pipeline

The sparrow traps are still under going some serious testing, we have found the original trap set-up to be a little hit or miss due to other native bird species using the trap, we are currently testing 3 kinds of sparrow traps to see which one is the most effective and safest for the local native birds.

Trapping Stats

Despite the incredible heat we are experiencing we have still had great numbers of birds being trapped. We think its due to the lack of water around that the Starlings and Indian Myna and coming in for a drink and a easy feed. Great news for anyone trapping during the summer. Please please please be aware that we need to treat the feral trapped birds with kindness and provide shelter in the holding pen along with plenty of food and water. Our aim isn’t to make these birds suffer in any way.

Changes to our ordering system

We have changed our ordering process a little to help ease the backlog, as from the 30th January 2013 we are no longer able to offer direct deposit for the cages. This system worked great while the orders were a little slower but its now to the point that we cannot keep up with these types of payments due to the delay in banking. We are looking into automating the payments via a secure Gateway. For now we will continue with Paypal and cash sales for those would prefer to pick up a trap from us.

Until next month…

Happy Trapping!