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Myna News kicks off

Starting today (Friday) we will start to add the latest monthly news for all things Myna bird management. Local counsel and Government in Victoria still a little slow in the up-take for small Myna management programs but the local people (us) are doing our bit to help control the numbers of Indian Myna and Starlings in our communities. Obviously trapping birds in the small numbers that we are won’t solve the BIG issue but it certainly makes a difference to your local areas.

We’ve had many emails from happy customers reporting numbers of local bird species returning to their yards after some healthy months of trapping Mynas and Starlings. To date I’ve caught 35 birds in 7 weeks. That’s a huge dent in the breeding pairs this Spring, I’d say thats at least 70 young Indian Myna and Starling chicks that won’t be killing and driving out the local birds.

Next month we will put together our customer image gallery and stories of success. Send in your success stories and your tips n’tricks to help our growing population of trappers for next month news.

Also in the news and a very much requested item, I’m happy to announce the following.

In the spotlight this month: Common Starling

Identity is very important and I thought I’d highlight the common starling this month. I’ve had a few concerning emails regarding the identity of birds that have been trapped lately. Here’s a nice web site that will help you identify species in your area http://www.birdsinbackyards.net