Indian Myna News November

Myna News November

Spring is here and so is the rain. As we all know spring is the time that we see the numbers of Mynas and Starlings double due to the breeding season. We have received a good number of trapping numbers already in excess of 200 birds trapped, we expect this number to triple once the younger birds start to fly from the nests.

3 Locals return

Some really exciting news from our side, we’ve now seen the return of 3 local species of birds that we hadn’t seen for a number of years, The Wattle Bird, White Cheeked Honey Eater and New Holland Finches with only a small number of Indian Myna Birds in the area. The local Wattle Birds are now outnumbering them and actually attacking the Mynas whenever they get into our yard. Looks like all the hard work is paying off.

Local pick up in Cranbourne

Many Melbourne people are now coming to say hi and pickup the traps directly from us, this saves you the postal fee. We are still selling many traps to NSW and Canberra with requests also coming from Tasmania and New Zealand.

An unusual catch.

My son sent me a photo the other morning of a surprise catch, not unheard of but certainly not what he expected to find in the morning. The rat measured 46cm from head to the tip of the tail and was very fat. This is the second report of trapped rats in our cages.


Identify your Birds

Please remember to check the species of birds you have trapped and be 100% certain of the species you are targeting, we have had a few customers send us photos of birds they don’t recognise, they turned out to be the local Australian Grey noisy Myna. Luckily the birds were released un-harmed once we identified them. Our web site helps you identify the feral species.

Order before summer

Summer is almost here and so is the rush for our Myna Cages. We have built a good stock level but these are going very quickly. To avoid dissapointment try and get your orders in now and avoid a delay.

Until next month happy trapping