Indian Myna News November

Spring Myna News

The spring weather is here and so are the birds. In the first 2 weeks of September we’ve already seen an increase in the numbers of Indian Mynas and Starlings. Our enquiries and sales have also picked up as a result.

If you’ve been putting off buying a trap over the harsh cold winter then nows the time to make a move and purchase your traps before the Mynas start to breed. We have also started to set our own traps again to break the breeding cycle. Our customers reported catching huge numbers from late September right through to March.

Don’t delay as we get really busy in late September and can’t guarantee that we will have sufficient cages available for instant orders and you may have to wait.

Our cages and traps still remain the best value for money across Australia, there’s plenty of other companies selling Myna Bird Traps but all the ones we have seen so far are extremely small for the price or very large and very expensive.

Indian Myna & Starling Cages


1 x Walk-thru

1 x Holding Pen

2 Access Doors with locking pins

1 x One-Way walk thru

Trap Design

Dipped Galv Aviary mesh Size 63cm x 44cm x 42cm Our cages are hand-made using 1.22mm diameter galv finish cage wire. Light weight but strong enough to last for years. Each door has a locking pin to secure the opening.

Our traps are still only $65.00 and include a holding pen, walk-thru, 2 silicon coated door openings & 2 locking door pins, Sizes 63cm x 44cm x 42cm.

Order your traps today and remember to keep submitting your trapping numbers. Click here to order today

Did you know?
Our traps/cages are hand made here in Australia and are set specifically to catch Indian Myna, Common Starling, House Sparrows and Pigeons.

Happy trapping