Winter is here and so are the Mynas


It’s been a while since we last updated the news but that doesn’t mean we have been sitting in front of the warm fire escaping the cold of winter. The opposite in fact. There’s been a steady flow of new customers purchasing new cages and having success despite the numbers of birds being caught are a little less for this time of year. A few people including ourselves are reporting that they have a couple of birds hanging around after heavy trapping during the spring and summer months that they just cannot entice into the cages.

These birds will be the older smarter ones that know not to enter the traps and are trap shy, some may even have been caught previously and escaped; which sometimes happens.

Customer Greg Hill from Victoria has reported several times that KFC (yes the chicken take away) works well. So if your struggling to catch anything give that a go, he swears to us although a little bit expensive for bait it gurantees a good catch. I wonder what Myna Birds would taste like with the secret herbs and spices! – joking.

Our newly designed traps are also working well on the sparrows although the sparrows have vanished from our are at present as they due this time every year. Also on the local front we have finally had the pleasure of the local parakeets return to our yard after many years without them. Reducing the numbers of Mynas and Starlings has definetly had a big impact on the local native species been seen more frequently in the past 18 months. We would love to hear from anyone that has seen an increase in the numbers of local species in their areas after removing many Mynas, Sparrows or Starlings.

Well thats it for this months news for now – stay tunes for July news!

Until next month happy trapping…